The science of winning

So much time and money goes into squeezing every last drop of energy out of elite athletes.

Professional sports teams employ armies of nutritionists, dieticians, sports scientists and physios, all seeking that extra 1% that could be the difference between a championship trophy and a participation ribbon.

Even if you’re not an elite athlete, you need to be at your best. Even when you’re running around in the lower grades, you still want to get every last ounce of energy out of yourself.

You can stretch, you can do yoga, you can eat nothing but steamed chicken and brown rice for weeks, and that will all help you prepare. But none of that does anything to help you during and after exercise, when your body is dehydrated from sweating – and when you’ll continue to sweat even after you’ve finished exercising.

As little as 2% dehydration may lead to a noticeable decrease in performance so it is essential that these fluids are replaced.

To avoid dehydration, athletes should also aim to drink enough to keep fluid losses to fewer than 2% of their own body weight. For maximal absorption from the stomach, fluids should be consumed cool (around 15 degrees).

POWERADE ION4 is an evolution of the POWERADE formulation and contains 95% more electrolytes, compared to the previous Powerade Isotonic 600ml formulation, to help replace four of the electrolytes lost through sweat

Scientifically formulated for fast and effective rehydration, POWERADE ION4 helps you stay hydrated, crucial to keeping you at peak performance.

The Science of Winning.